Al Jaber Real Estate Co.


Al Jaber Real Estate was developed to be one of the leading real estate companies in the region. The company is completely dedicated to the business of providing top rated real estate products and services as well as creating real estate investment opportunities that are not only lucrative for its clients but also contribute towards the development of real estate in Kuwait.

The company is led by a dynamic team that concentrates on developing long term and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients by offering a wide variety of Real Estate Services that are unique, risk averse and multi-dynamic in nature.


Al Jaber Real Estate is based on in Kuwait and provides all sorts of services for the Kuwaiti Real Estate market.


Al Jaber Real Estate offers a multitude of real estate related services, such as:

Real Estate Marketing services
Real Estate Advisory services
Real Estate Evaluation services
Real Estate Market Research services
Real Estate Development services
Real Estate Management services


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