Al Mubader


A company specialized in providing business events services . seeking to satisfy all our customer to get their trust . and we seek to provide services in its better and the finest . which it is crossing to increase investment and tourism to raising the national economy. Company vision .

Be unique reference model in the service of customer satisfaction and the development of its community.


Transparency and credibility with customers , dedication in the outstanding performance of business events services , gain customer confidence , interact with all countries and building giant economic entities.


Al Mubaader provides services such as: :

Building permanent and strategic relationships with the organizers of the local and international business events.
Continuing communications with Businessmen and Businesswoman to visit the business events organized by the center.
Coordination and integration with government agencies and public institutions for the growth of industrial and business activities.
Supporting events that serve the Environmental, Commercial ,humanitarian, and tourism activities .
Providing support services to the industry for business events and cooperation with local and international associations, organizations and incorporation in training them .


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